Discover my clock, which was nominated for the GPHG in 2022.

The passage of time

Man is ephemeral, time is infinite.

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Miki Eleta, Unique Timepieces – The first 20 years of the eternal search for unique creations.

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Miki Eleta

The fascination of the eternal search for unique creations.

Miki Eleta handcrafted on his own contemporary timepieces in the tradition of the Swiss Haute horlogerie. Each of his complex time piece is a unique work of art produced only one single time.

Each new creation is driven by his deep fascination for time measurement, innovation and kinetic art.

Miki Eleta


All the time pieces are unique and entirely hand manufactured.

The conception of each component, the richness of the finishing and the quality of its handcrafted techniques makes its production very limited. He needs several months to design, produce and assemble one single creation.

His deep understanding of the watchmaking and kinetic arts allows him playing with complication such as chiming systems, carousels, tourbillons, annual calendars, astronomical moons and so on with unique executions.

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