Clock No. 26, Room clock, Miki Eleta, 2012

“No. 26” is an elegant room clock with an Eleta chronometer escapement.
Invented in 2011, my Eleta escapement offers a new answer to the problem of friction loss. It has the characteristics of a chronometer escapement and gives a pulse every 2 seconds.

Incorporated into a clock with second, minute and hour indication and a seconds pendulum, it makes a very special drive possible: a self-switching moon phase acts as a drive weight on a Huygens winding mechanism. Instead of a usual weight of several kilos, it thus achieves a power reserve of 8 days with an amazingly light 200 grams.

The clock is made of gold-plated and chrome-plated parts, as well as blue glass, lapis lazuli, and ruby jewels.

Height: 1700 mm

The moon phase consists of two silver bowls, enamelled in deep blue. The moon sphere is made of rock crystal, the switching mechanism of gold-plated brass. The switching wheel makes one rotation per day and switches the moon phase once a day.

Second pendulum made of 5 quartz rods and a chrome-plated brass lens.
The frequency is 3600 oscillations per hour.