Time in space

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Time in space

Wrist watch, Miki Eleta 2019

Our relationship with time has changed significantly in the industrialized countries over the past few centuries. A few generations ago, people lived naturally with inaccurate clocks. Today, the exact time is available everywhere, everyday life is clocked down to the minute. The time dictates our rhythm of life.

There is neither a dial nor other usual indicators for reading the time on the “Time in Space” wristwatch. Instead, it has an hour hand on which a wheel is mounted. Depending on the wearer’s choice, either the wheel or the hand can serve as an hour display. In both variants, the minute is read on the wheel: the short extension of the hour hand travels through the 60° angle from one of the six spokes to the next in 60 minutes. To read the time, the division of the angle must be translated into the division of the hour.

“Time in space” is an exact watch, which again leads to a slower handling of time. The focus is not on the readability of the exact time. Nevertheless, the wearer can determine them fairly precisely after a short period of getting used to. “Time in space” is a watch for the phases in life, in which we do not submit to the dictation of a minute-by-day planning. We use it to check our approximate sense of time and can escape from the convention in another way: the position of 12 o’clock on the clock can be freely determined.

Technical specifications

ETA movement, sandblasted and gold-plated
Manual wind
Duration of run: 48 hours
Display: second, minute, hour
Sapphire crystal top and bottom
Steel case DLC coated, 48 mm diameter, in anthracite or black (limited number of 5 pieces each)
Shock protection
Water resistant to 3 bar

Warranty: 2 years

Wrist watch mechanism

Model mechanism