A fairy tale (No. 29) 2015

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Miki Eleta - A fairy tale (No. 29) 2015

The clock “A fairy tale” has been ordered by a customer for his 18 years old daughter. Her favourite animal is the frog.

The cylindric and skeletonised minute and hour dial plates rotate around their axes while the indicator remains static.

The moonphase indication has to be corrected every 128 years.

On its right side the clock features a musical movement with dancing figures. For many years a different melody is played without repeating itself.

The days of the week are symbolised by 7 different frogs. Every day one of them appears until they are all united on Sunday. According to the day they symbolise, each of them represents another activity.

The clock features an Eleta chronometer escapement and consists of 555 pieces made from steel and gold-plated brass.

The dancers and frogs are made by the glassblower Guido Stadelmann from Zurich.