Horse Race Clock

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Horse Race Clock

Horse Race Clock, Miki Eleta, 2023, Table Clock Nr 41

My encounter with the rich Arab culture on a trip to the United Arab Emirates inspired me to create this clock in 2022.

Against a backdrop of traditional architectural elements, the clock thematises the Arabian passion for horses. Starting with the Eleta Chronometer escapement in the shape of a horse’s head, this motif is also found on the hour disc. Its cyclic display is an invention of mine, in which the current hour can be read in Arabic numerals at position 9 (am) or 3 (pm).

The upper part of the tower rotates and shows the current minute.

The indication of the moon phase is located in the middle of the hour disc.
It has to be corrected in 128 years.

The main attraction of this clock is the horse race: its construction ensures a different, unpredictable course with each run. The automaton with its own barrel is independent of the clock. Its drive and control mechanism is located on the left side. The fly in the shape of a horse creates a stroboscopic effect through rapid rotation.

In the centre of the platform, seven differently shaped racehorses stand ready with their jockeys on seven tracks. By manually pressing a lever on the left side, a starting signal sounds. At the same time, the gates open and the racks start moving. They drive the horses forward. Due to a construction I invented with changing constellations in the drive mechanism, every race runs differently. You can bet on three stages! As soon as a horse touches its finishing post, the indicator falls over. This clearly marks the winner.

Every single one of the approximately 700 parts was handmade by me.


Brass and steel, gold-plated and partly chrome-plated, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, titanium (moon).


Width 54 cm, depth 26 cm, height 46 cm.

The power reserve of the clock is one week.

Construction time: 10 months.