Armillary sphere 2019
Commissioned work

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Miki Eleta - Armillary sphere 2019

An armillary sphere is a device that is used to illustrate the movement of celestial bodies. It consists of several metal rings with a common center that can be rotated around different axes.

This work is a geocentric armillary sphere with three axes of rotation. The earth axis sits on a diameter of the meridian-ring. Rings that encage the earth describe equator, tropics and four meridians. The ring of the ecliptic may be tuned to a given season. The armillary sphere can be adjusted to the user’s latitude and is hanging in the celestial horizon pedestal.


Rings: equator, solstice circles, polar circles, ecliptic, celestial equator
Ecliptic ring with movable sun, date, months, zodiac
Celestial equator with 24 hour division
Rotating moon with 5 ° inclination to ecliptic

Gold-plated brass rings
Earth brass, gold-plated, continents sandblasted
Anodized aluminum pedestal
Height 84 cm, diameter 70 cm, mass 30 kg