Hippocampus 2019

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Hippocampus 2019

Table clock Hippocampus (Seahorse), Miki Eleta, 2019, Nr. 27

The table clock is a redesign of the “Hippocampus” clock from 2012. For practical reasons, I changed the complex mechanics of the wall clock and converted it into a table clock.

This clock is characterized by the filigree shape of the Eleta Chronometer escapement, reminiscent of a seahorse. It displays the time via two retrograde indicators. The left one shows the minutes, the right one the hours.

Two sand blasted moons on transparent glass above a slice of blue glass indicate the moon phase (to be corrected after 128 years).

Behind the pendulum rod, a round golden disc with three hands refers to three areas of our existence: the space that we can perceive with our senses, the area of our knowledge and belief, and the unknown.

The clock has a power reserve of 7 days. The lenght of the pendulum is 60 cm.
All rotatable parts of the clock have ball bearings.

All parts are handcrafted by Miki Eleta. They are made of gold or chrome plated brass or steel.
Individual elements are provided with lapis lazuli stones.