Tres Caracoles

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Miki Eleta - Tres Caracoles

Miki Eleta displays a new kinetic object in a class of its own. A playful piece of art.

The artist and self-taught watchmaker Miki Eleta, who lives in Zürich, expresses his very own, unusual view of time through kinetic objects that he personally constructs from start to finish in his workshop. A member of the AHCI, Eleta now presents his latest opus, called Tres Caracoles, at BASELWORLD 2014.

The complex clock features some of the most sought-after complications from the world of watches, an extremely precise moon phase, a day of the week and a world time indication as well as a retrograde minute.

Additionally, Miki Eleta integrated a music work, which plays a unique little tune for about 20 seconds, composed by kinetic principles. Centuries pass before the same sequence is repeated. During the musical phase seven miniature dancers and four musicians give a performance.

The clock relies on an Eleta’s own escapement, which has chronometric precision. 2.0, C15

Tres Caracoles, Miki Eleta.