Technical specifications


Clockwork movement
• 2 going barrels
• Power reserve: 1 month
• Chronometer escapement
• Oscillation: 1 sec

• Minute, hour
• day of the week, with AM/PM indication
• week of the year
• month
• moon phase
• world time
• 4 year Perpetual calendar with illustrations of the Four seasons by Vivaldi, the natural cycle of seasons, zodiac signs, constellations.
• Orrery
• Musical mechanism

World time (dice player)
Every hour the dice player holds his cup up and the dice appear. The sum of visible points on the dice indicates the actual hour in the chosen time zone. On the circular world time display, a landmark is engraved for each time zone. In the clockwise direction they refer to: Višegrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina), London, Reykjavik, Madeira, Nuuk, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Anchorage, Hawaii, Samoa, Auckland, Noumea, Sydney, Tokio, Hong Kong, Bangkok, New Delhi, Calcutta, Teheran, Moscow.
Starting from the symbol of the chosen time zone, the local time in the other zones can be read by adding hours. The center of the world time display shows a projection of the earth.

„Perpetual calendar“ / 4 year-cycle
One complete rotation of the display takes 4 years. Every year is divided into 4 seasons or 12 months illustrated in different ways:
• The Four Seasons refers to the composition by Antonio Vivaldi.
• The natural cycle of seasons (the season changes every 3 months).
• The zodiac signs with an indication of the length of the day (according to the change of the zodiac sign)
• Constellations (according to the change of the zodiac sign)

Musical mechanism
The clock plays music for a few seconds every the full hour. Each tone sequence is different and will not be repeated for a few centuries. The bronze bells are tuned in a pentatonic scale. Most of the time they produce a harmonious sound. While the music is played, three silver swans move in a circle. The musical mechanism and the swans are driven by a remontoir.

The orrery shows the actual constellation of the sun, the moon an the earth. It turns around its axis once a year. In addition the moon phase, the constellations and the tides are indicated.

The signature of the clock is located on the moon phase plate: Miki Eleta, No. 34, 2017. The picture on the plate shows the Üetliberg (a mountain near the city of Zurich).

Dimensions of the clock
Diameter: 25 cm, Height: 30 cm, Weight: 7 kg

Brass (gilded), bronze, chrome steel, glass, lapis lazuli, jewels, rubins
Time for completion: April 2016 to February 2017
Handmade by Miki Eleta